Many Atlantic Finance Partners clients start their relationship with us via a second round funding exercise or even an IPO.  These are good beginnings but we have seen that beyond the IPO it is likely that the management team will, initially, consider that organic growth is sufficient for medium term success.  We all know that business never stands still and so we expect them back at our door within a year or two.  If they do return then the next hurdle may well be a merger or acquisition.  We will then have to ask, is it a merger of equals, are you acquiring a competitor, or are you a target for acquisition?   All of these scenarios bring you in touch with the investment market again.  Atlantic Finance Partners will again stand ready, with our international experience, to review at least two companies and to guide you on how to handle the dynamic new situation you are facing.  Mergers and acquisitions are a major component of our business these days, so we will certainly be best placed to ensure you enjoy a beneficial outcome.

Atlantic Finance Partners is a specialist advisor across the International investment markets.  For the forty plus years we have been active in these areas, we have always specialized in assisting, guiding and growing small to mid-sized enterprises.  We work with these organizations because they are the most likely to be going through business transitions and hence need our advice.


Our extensive knowledge of the investment markets means that our advice, consulting and services are exactly what they need to make a real success of these transactions and to grow their businesses.  On the investment side we may take them through some form of Private Equity investment or an IPO and most likely an M &A (Merger and Acquisition) transition.  On the financial side of the firm we arrange the raising of capital, any accounting and tax implications and if required an internal audit review.


At Atlantic Finance Partners our consultation service aims to establish belief and commitment to a roadmap which will lead your business to becoming a continuing success. This will consist mainly of two components: an agreed plan and its successful implementation. Our approach to strategic planning will move you from just running a business to succeeding within a thriving business.  As many executives involved in mergers and acquisitions will tell you, a transitioned business can be one that remains competitive, not just in its own market but also beyond. Atlantic Finance partners are able to guide you through ever changing environments and challenges that many modern businesses encounter during this time.