Strong Management Team

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The first consideration for any potential investor in a new business will be the capability, balance and experience of the management team. The market has demonstrated over and again that companies with strong management teams will always win investment over companies with weak management. We look for a dedicated, focused, cohesive management team with a balance of strengths, which has proven their ability to meet the market’s obstacles and overcome them


Atlantic is an industry generalist. We have expertise in the medical, information technology, telecommunications, media, cable and networking industries. With our range of experts in these as well as other fields, we will have an understanding of your industry’s operating characteristics, unique risk profiles, and market drivers.

Unique Market Focus

By this we mean a well-defined focus on the market the Company serves. We want to understand why operating with this market focus allows the Company to differentiate itself from its competitors. Then we want to know how that market focus creates Company profitability.

Company Size

We work primarily with companies having annual revenues of $5 million to $500 million.

Company Profitability

Our successful clients show the following profiles:

Positive earnings in two of the last three years or have a demonstrable path to profitability within 1 year of capital infusion EBITDA between 7.5% and 15% of gross revenues

Time in Business

Our typical client’s business has been operational for 2 years or longer